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Volunteer Applications Information



As a volunteer, I understand I may be privacy to client personal information.  This is to remain confidential. In cases where learned information and knowledge would be in the interest of Help Inc,it is to be reported immediately.




 I understand my presence is necessary for the day to day operations of Help Inc. I agree to let Help Inc know of any absence a minimum of two (2) hours prior to my scheduled volunteer time.




As a volunteer, I give my consent for Help Inc to use and publish my image in various media including, but not limited to, print, social, and digital forms. If I do not want my image to be used by Help Inc, I agree to indicate this on my application by checking the box that I do NOT want my image to be published and will inform the director of this on initiation of volunteer service. In addition, I understand that as a volunteer I cannot serve as an official representative of Help Inc to the media or public and cannot speak on behalf of  Help Inc. ​​




As a volunteer, I agree to follow the practices and policies set forth by Help Inc, to effectively perform my designated volunteer position to the best of my ability.  I understand the primary purpose of Help Inc is to supply food sources to those in need and will respect that goal and mission.  I agree not to counsel, suggest or imply anything other than those goals so long as I remain a volunteer with Help Inc.  Failure to follow this agreement will result in termination of my volunteer scheduling with the Help Inc facility.

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